Wonderful Wire

This week, we continued our work looking at emotions in our art lessons. We were focussing on ‘The Scream’ painting. We talked about the emotions the children could see and how these had been created. The children then used wire to create their own versions of ‘The Scream’ using continuous line. We think you’ll agree that they look amazing!

Art inspired by Dennis Creffield

In Year 6, we have been looking at the artist Dennis Creffield. We have looked at how to use charcoal as a media in art and used what we learnt to create a piece of artwork.

We took a trip to St John’s church to sketch our observations and then used these to create our final piece. We are so proud of what they have achieved!

Our learning has been electrifying!

This week, we spent two days learning about electricity and investigating circuits. We learnt how to represent electrical components using symbols and how to draw a range of circuit diagrams. We ended our science days by making our own switch and designing and creating a burglar alarm. Some children then shared their pitches (Dragon Den style) to try and get their teacher and classmates to invest in their alarm system! Amazing work Year 6!

Our Exploration!

This week, we started our new writing cycle. We have created our own new species of creature and used drama to record observations about it. A lot of us even used our best David Attenborough impressions to perform the observations! Well done Year 6! You produced some great diary entries for your day as an explorer.

Rainforest In A Box

During Wellbeing time, we have applied our Geography knowledge to an exciting project of creating a rainforest in a shoebox.

We have had to use our learning about the layers of the rainforest and the types of animals which live in the rainforest to create a clear image of the Amazon Rainforest. We also included the Amazon river!

We really enjoyed using a variety of media as well as resources from our outdoor learning area to include in our boxes.

Who would have thought that a shoebox could create so much fun and creativity!